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Special regional offers from Magti


For the customers of Poti and Zugdidi Quad Play Offer for – 37 Gel

- Fiber - optic Internet - 20 Mbps package.
- IPTV89 channels.
- Mobile Telephony – Chemebi: unlimited mobile talks among four family members.
- Fixed line Telephony (VOIP) – unlimited calls in MagtiCom mobile and fixed-line network. Positive balance on the account is required.
* Calls to any other fixed-line network of Georgia – 6 tetri per minute.
* Calls to any other mobile network of Georgia – 12 tetri per minute.

For Rustavi subscribers  Triple Play Offer for 27 Gel
- Fiber - Optic Internet - 20 Mbps package
- IPTV - 89 channels.
- Mobile Telephony – Chemebi: unlimited mobile talks among four family members.

To get a quad play or/and triple play offer, please call 0322200000, or visit your regional office.

In case of buying only internet service - 20 Mbps for 22 Gel

* The promotion applies to the orders submitted from 05.01.2017 till 31.05.2017 included.  
* Activation is available till 31.07.2017 included.
* The terms of the promotion are valid for 1 year starting from the activation date.
* Installation of the internet and IPTV (for standard locations) is free of charge during the promo period.
* Installation of the additional decoder during the promo period is free of charge.
* Adding thematic packages is possible during the promo period.
* Upon joining the promo offer, customer gets 4 free SIM-cards with activated numbers on it and service CHEMEBI.
* After expiring the promo period of one year, subscriber will be switched to the minimal internet package. Standard terms will be applied on the other services.
* The promotion is available only for individual retail customers.
* While paying the service fee, certain amount of points will be accrued on subscribers’ color card. Please, note that using these points will be limited during the promotion period.
* Please, note, subscriber will not be granted with a discount in case s/he prepays the service fee  (6/12 month subscription fee) during the promotion period.